About TennisNut

TennisNut provides two main services:

  • 1. A competition organised online
  • 2. A social network for tennis players to find casual opponents or to find doubles partners.

KEY Features

  • Search players in your area.
  • Search by ability, age, gender and location
  • Play competition tennis without giving away every Saturday or Sunday (Great for busy people!)
  • Receive a ranking based on your performance against other players (And try and improve your ranking over time)

How the competition works

Players of all ages and ability can register for competition however we ask that players under the age of 18 are supervised by an adult.

Competitions run for 12 weeks. In this time all 10 matches in the draw must be completed. Complete each match within the week allocated. Play at any time or day of the week as long as both players agree. It is up to individual players to organise their own matches using the TennisNut messaging system or by contacting their opponent via phone if they have elected to display their phone number to other players. Matches must be organised by the Thursday before the match due date.

Each match should be a best of 3 set rubber with a tie breaker played at 6 all, in all sets.

The winner then enters the score through their TennisNut account. The loser then confirms the score through their account.

Player rankings and competition divisions

We endeavour to place players into leagues with players of similar ability. New players are initially ranked based on their ITN (International Tennis Number), so we recommend that players provide extra information with regard to their ability prior to their first season. Rankings are then adjusted according to results. The more matches that are played the more accurate our in built ranking system becomes. Therefore, by the second or third season after having completed a number of matches, players should be playing opponents of more similar ability.

Organising Matches

Please make a serious attempt to organise your matches well before they are due to be played in case of bad weather.

Players must message their opponent at least twice through the TennisNut messaging system and if they have elected to display their phone number players must call twice as well. If a player has not had a response within 24 hours for both messages they may claim an automatic victory (Walkover). Walkovers are entered 1-0 1-0

It is up to the home player to choose and organise the location of the match.

We encourage players to be as flexible as possible to ensure that all matches are completed. However if either player has provided 3 times on 3 separate days outside of normal office hours and one day is a weekend and the opponent refuses to play on all of these times they can claim an automatic victory. If both players are in agreement the match may also be rescheduled to another week.

Please email info@tennisnut.com.au to inform us if you are planning to play your match outside of the allocated week.

Players who know in advance that they cannot play during certain weeks should attempt to organise these matches before the week allocated rather than after.

Players who have not completed any of their matches by the halfway point in the season will be removed from the league and all matches awarded to their opponent. No refund will be provided.

Match cancellations due to weather or similar

The normal process is to reschedule the match to another date. However, if both players agree you can take a draw (A draw can be entered by entering set scores as 1-1). If the match is part complete the normal process is to take the scores as they stand, excluding incomplete games.

For example: if the score is 6-4 4-3 30-40 the scores will be entered 6-4 4-3 and there will be a winner. If the score is 6-4 3-4 the match will be a draw.

If both players agree you may reschedule incomplete matches and finish them at another time.

Match cancellations due to an individual player cancelling the match

In the event that a match is cancelled due to one person not being able to play, the normal process is to award the match to the other player. However we do encourage players to try and complete all matches and therefore if both players agree the match can be rescheduled.

Injuries part way through a match

In the event that a player is injured during a match and cannot play on they will forfeit all remaining games within that match.

Players arriving late

We expect players to arrive on time for their matches. If a player is more than 20 minutes late then their opponent may leave and claim and automatic victory (Walkover).

* If you are running late make every attempt to notify your opponent, and reschedule if agreed.


Matches are played without umpires. Therefore it is expected that players are honest and display good sportsmanship at all times. It is up to the player who’s side of the net the ball lands to call the ball OUT or FAULT and we ask players to respect the decisions of their opponent.

TennisNut reserves the right to decline membership and to remove a player from a competition without providing any refund or explanation. Players who have been repeatedly reported for unsportsmanlike behaviour will be permanently banned or suspended from TennisNut with no refund being provided.

Please report all unsportsmanlike behaviour to info@tennisnut.com.au. Serious reports of abuse, violence or criminal behaviour will automatically be referred to the police.

Court Hire

Tennis court hire is to be split 50:50 with the away player paying no more than $10. Therefore if the court hire is greater than $20 then the home player must pay the difference.

If the home player has membership at the court and guests are required to pay a fee the guest will pay a maximum of $10. If guests are normally required to pay more than $10 then the home player (member) must make up the difference.

* Information on individual tennis club fees will be provided at a later date in the ‘Find a club’ section of the TennisNut website

Tennis Balls

Both players should arrive at a match with a can of 4 tennis balls. A coin is flipped and the loser uses their balls. The winner of the match then keeps the unopened balls (or the set of their choice) and the loser takes the old ones.

The top half of each league must use brand new tennis balls. The bottom half, including the middle ranked competition can use good second hand balls.

For example: If a league has 10 divisions then 1-5 use new tennis balls while 6-10 use second hand balls. If the league has 9 divisions then 1-4 use new balls while 5-9 use second hand balls.

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